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Geoffrey Chaucer begins the Prologue to his Canterbury Tales with a picturesque description of the month of April: When April with its sweet-smelling showers

Has pierced the drought of March to the root,
And bathed every vein (of the plants) in such liquid
By the power of which the flower is created....

In April 2015, it was with similar excitement, high hopes for a bright future, and confidence in their expectation of all-round progress of the University that the faculty members and the non-teaching staff of Rayalaseema University welcomed the third vice chancellor of the young and upcoming centre of higher learning, Prof. Y. Narasimhulu, a scholar-administrator who believes in C. S. Lewis's dictum that "The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles, but to irrigate deserts." The various reforms Prof. Narasimhulu introduced in the academic programmes and the administrative set-up have already started bearing fruit.

Prof. Narasimhulu has proved beyond doubt that education is a great source of empowerment and an escalator out of social disadvantage. The fact that in about a decade -- from1979 to 1989 -- he successfully completed his M.Sc, M.Phil, and Ph.D in Applied Mathematics, followed by MS in Software Systems in 1995, is proof of his thirst for knowledge. Since joining university service in 1991, Prof. Narasimhulu has succeeded in shaping his identity as a teacher and researcher and also as an academic administrator; and his motto seems to be: "Teach, Lead, Inspire." He is both a teacher and a teacher trainer: he has taught different subjects in Mathematics for B.Tech, M.Tech, M.Sc students, and trained teachers in teaching methodologies, effective teaching, microteaching, ICT in teaching, and best practices in teaching. His research activities include guiding MPhil and Ph.D students.

One of the hallmarks of the profession of teaching is the ability of its members to publish articles. There are several research papers Prof. Narasimhulu presented at seminars and published in journals of repute are testimony to his strong belief in research as an integral and important part of the profession of teaching. Prof. Narasimhulu is a student-friendly teacher. His three-volume book on Engineering Mathematics for B.Tech students has won the appreciation of both students and colleagues.

The modern trend in education focuses on three aspects: teaching, research, and extension and outreach activities. The numerous academic programmes he organized/attended, the projects he undertook, and the invited / guest lectures he delivered prove Prof. Narasimhulu that he is a committed teacher in every respect.

Prof. Narasimhulu has a strong sense of social responsibility. Another great quality in him is his ability to adapt to any situation; he takes an assignment as a challenge, not a burden. The various responsible positions he successfully held testify to his being proactive and his readiness to accept -- or rather welcome -- any challenge, whether academic or administrative: Professor-Director, Academic Staff College, University of Hyderabad; Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Central University of Orissa; Registrar, University of Hyderabad; Director Incharge, Center for Distance Education, University of Hyderabad; Professor of Mathematics, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad; Deputy Secretary, University Grants Commission, New Delhi are some of the academic and administrative positions Prof. Narasimhulu brought laurels to in the last more than three decades.

Prof. Narasimhulu never confines himself to the institution he serves; as an active member of about 40 decision-making academic and professional bodies and selection committees all over the country, his championing the cause of higher education and, through it, his contribution to nation building are indeed commendable.

The following shloka sums up Prof. Narasimhulu's personality:

Bhavanti namraastarava phalodgamaih
Navaambubhirbhoomivilambino ghanaah
Anuddhataah satpurushaah samriddhibhih
Swabhaava evaisha paropakaarinaam

Trees laden with fruits bend down so that people may pluck and enjoy the fruits. Clouds laden with water come down in the form of rain cooling the earth and watering plants and trees. In the same way noble men do not become conceited when fortune embraces them but use their wealth to help others. This is the nature of persons who are always eager to be of help to fellow humans.

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